"Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal." 




In 2014, we set off to create something different. Something that changed the way people looked at Supply Chain Talent Acquisition.

Our goal was to find a way to add value to the talent management process while honouring both the candidate and the client relationship. Too often we heard from candidates that felt alienated from the search process and from clients that felt there wasn’t enough value being brought to the table by other search firms. Recruiting had become an undifferentiated commodity with a race to the bottom mentality. It was a game of quantity rather than quality. 

We wanted to challenge the industry and to create something that would make a difference. If you're looking for a fresh approach, look no further. 

The Irish have always been synonymous with their natural ability to spin a complex and often exaggerated yarn, and with a name like O’Reilly you would expect no different from the creator of The STORY Group.  The truth is, I have often felt cheated out of my natural birth right for the gift of the gab. 

I admire the great storytellers - you know the type - those who can engage a room with their banter and have everyone waiting for their next tale.  Exaggeration knows no bounds yet these stories are memorable and make a strong impression on us.  

A good story has the power to move you; it can make you laugh; it can make you cry; it can change your mind and it can restore your faith. Like most, I love a good story.  I hold on to a good story like an old friend. Unfortunately, I've just never been particularly good at telling them! 

However, for every good storyteller there must be a good story listener.  I consider myself to be in the latter camp.  I like to take the time to separate fact from fiction.  I like to validate the information that is being presented to me.  I like to ask questions.  I like to challenge the status quo. I like finding new solutions to old problems. 

This is the inspiration behind the branding of The STORY Group.  Our brand aspires to be both the leading authentic story listener and storyteller in Supply Chain Talent Acquisition.  

I say authentic as the stories we tell are factual not fictional.  They are not embellished and they are not missing important information.  We relay these stories with professionalism and passion.  These stories are not our stories - they're the stories from our clients and they're the stories from our candidates.  Quite simply, these are your stories.